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Video: Life after stroke

Stroke can be sudden and devastating, but for some people, there are new horizons beyond it. Sarah Brealey hears the stories of three inspiring survivors.

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Heart attack and stroke

BHF-funded scientists are part of a team that have discovered that simple chemicals can limit long term damage after heart attack and stroke.

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The future of stroke research

To mark World Stroke Day, Christie Norris from our Research Communications team looks at our research surrounding the understanding and treatment of stroke.

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Opportunities to prevent strokes being missed, says new research

Half of people who suffered their first stroke between 2009 and 2013 were not prescribed preventative drugs, according to new research.

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Stroke: little or no hope

1.2 million people in the UK are living with the devastating effects of stroke. For many of them, there is no treatment to limit the damage stroke causes to the brain.

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Gentle jogging can help prevent heart attacks and strokes

Study shows running ten minutes a day can cut your risk of dying from CVD.

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Why do we care about stroke?

We're funding £16.5 million of research into stroke, making us one of the largest independent funders in the UK.

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Watch: How do statins prevent heart attacks and strokes?

Statins reduce your cholesterol levels and lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. They’re one of the best-researched drugs, but also one of the most controversial. Watch our animation all about statins, and see if you can tell statin fact from fiction.

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