Unravelling the genetics behind congenital heart conditions

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We are funding scientists at the University of Nottingham to unravel the complex genetics behind congenital heart disease.

Congenital heart disease covers a broad range of conditions which have one key thing in common: they develop in the womb.

Genetics have a large part to play in congenital heart disease, and research is needed to understand why 1 in 133 babies born in the UK are affected.

The research

Researchers use a genetic test called ‘array-CGH’ which can reveal more about the specific genetic causes of congenital heart conditions.

Dr Anna Wilsdon is working with Professor John David Brook to understand more about the complex genetics behind congenital heart disease.

Dr Wilsdon will use the results of the array-CGH tests to look for links between faulty genes, the specific type of congenital heart disease, and the patient's family history. She also aims to identify genes which are most likely to be the cause of congenital heart condition for further study. 

What this could mean for heart patients

This research will help us understand why congenital heart disease occurs, as well as understanding the genes behind the conditions and how they are inherited.

By giving parents and families of people affected by congenital heart diseases more information we may be able to help people understand more about their conditions. The results could also lead to new ways of diagnosing and treating congenital heart conditions in the future.

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