Reflections of Research

BHF’s Reflections of Research competition is now open and we’re calling for entries of your most striking and engaging research images.

Reflections of research winner 2015/16 Shows blood flow through the heart'Go with the flow' from Dr Victoria Stoll, University of Oxford was the winning image for 2015/16. It shows the blood flow through the hearts major chambers and vessels.

Our annual competition brings to life the cutting-edge work of our researchers across the country. 

The most engaging and exciting image is awarded the British Heart Foundation’s Reflection of Research Judges' Winner by a panel of judges, and our Facebook supporters pick the Supporters' Favourite.

This year’s winner will receive a £100 Amazon voucher and a print of their prize-winning image.

To enter, please complete an entry form and send it to [email protected] along with your image.

Make sure you tell us what your image shows and why it is important to research.

Last entries will be accepted at midnight on Sunday the 8th of April, with the winners announced in August.

Download an entry form here

Last Year's Winners

Getting to the heart of the matter - Fraser Macrae, University of Leeds (judges' winner)

a zoomed-in image of a blood clot

Last year’s winning image takes us inside a deadly blood clot - the leading cause of heart attack and stroke.

When we’re injured blood clots are life savers, preventing us from losing too much blood. However, when blood clots form unnecessarily inside blood vessels, they can be deadly. 

In the image red blood cells are trapped in the 3D mesh of fibrin fibres, which hold the clot together. One red blood cell had been compressed into a heart shape by the contracting fibres surrounding it. 

Image author Fraser Macrae at the University of Leeds is using state-of-the-art methods to study the structure of blood clots and investigate how the fibre arrangements change their sensitivity to clot busting drugs.   

An artery's insides - Dr Matthew Lee, University of Strathclyde (supporter's choice)

inside an artery 

This image, voted supporter’s favourite, takes us inside innermost layer of a blood vessel. 

This layer, the endothelium, is a complicated network of cells lining our entire vascular system. Groups of endothelial cells (shown here in purple) operate as an interconnected network, like a modern telecommunication system, to detect and relay signals. 

By understanding how normal healthy endothelium works and what changes take place in disease the research team hope to generate new treatments targeting the blood vessel.

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Previous winners

The competition has been running since 2005. See the spectacular images our scientists have previously entered into our Reflections of Research competition.