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Mr Modarai looking at a scan before operating

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Clinical Trials: battery acid to treat scurvy?

25 May 2017

Saturday 20th May was International Clinical Trials Day. This year’s Clinical Trials Day marks 270 years since the first clinical trial and celebrates how trials have improved patient care.

World Hypertension Day — tackling a ‘silent killer’

17 May 2017

In the medical world, hypertension — or high blood pressure — is commonly referred to as a ‘silent killer’. Often the first time someone discovers they have high blood pressure is after a heart attack or stroke. In aid of World Hypertension Day, Christie Norris looks at how research can help us better detect high blood pressure and prevent subsequent development of cardiovascular disease.

From stroke survivor to clinical trial volunteer

3 May 2017

When Gwynneth suffered a stroke, it soon became clear to her that very little is known about the type of stroke she suffered. To help improve the lives of future stroke patients, Gwynneth decided to participate in Professor Rustam Salman’s clinical trial. Find out what it’s like being a patient involved in life changing research.