Clinical Research Leave Fellowships

To provide an opportunity for talented NHS staff to undertake dedicated PAs in research in a recognised UK centre of excellence in cardiovascular medicine.

Entry requirements

  • NHS consultant with recent research record.
  • Residency requirements apply – check eligibility.

Grant duration

  • Up to 1 year full-time or up to 3 years part-time.

Award may include

  • Reimbursement of reasonable costs to cover relinquished PAs.
  • Research consumables directly attributable to the project.

How to apply

Additional information

You will be asked to attach a single PDF document to your online application form containing the following information:

  1.  For resubmissions, include previous feedback and provide a detailed response explaining how the revised application has changed from the original submission.
  2. Abstract of the proposed investigation in less than 150 words.
  3. Background to the project and pilot data.
  4. Original hypothesis.
  5. Experimental details and design of proposed investigation.
  6. If requesting funding for a clinical study, include all information listed in the Clinical Study Guidelines (Interventional Study) or in the Clinical Study Guidelines (Observational Study).
  7. Power calculations.
  8. Expected value of results.
  9. List of references relevant to the proposed project.
  10. Full CV of the applicant, including list of publications, statement of career intentions and email address.
  11. Additional pages for appendices (e.g. charts, graphs, photos) must be kept to a minimum and should be submitted only if essential to the understanding of the application.
  12. Letter of support from the Clinical Service Director, including a justification for the costs claimed to cover clinical sessions.
  13. Letter of support from the Head of Department (Research).
  14. Supporting letters from collaborators.
  15. Valid copy of ethical approval if relevant.

Sections 2-7 must not exceed 6 A4 sides. The PDF file size must not exceed 20MB.

Please ensure Arial font size 12 is used. If this font size is not used, the application will be rejected prior to formal consideration.

Decision process

There are no closing dates.

Please submit the application when it is ready. Receipt will be acknowledged within 24 hours and we will advise you when you can expect the result. Candidates may be interviewed and a decision on this will be reached by the Fellowships Committee (four meetings a year) after it has considered external peer review reports.

Allow 9 months from submission to decision.

Apply online