What we fund

Feeding the heart

We provide personal support for clinical and non-clinical cardiovascular researchers at all stages of their career. 

We also provide grants for short and long term research projects, essential infrastructure and strategic initiatives.

HOW to apply

For more information and for specific grant guidelines, please select the relevant grant type from the list below.

Grant types

Project Grants

For research projects (basic science and clinical) costing up to £300,000.

Special Project Grants

For research projects costing more than £300,000. This grant type supports funding for basic science research and funding for certain observational studies and studies using datasets only.

Programme Grants

For long term support on a five year rolling basis.

Clinical Study Grants

For clinical trials and some observational studies of specific patient groups costing more than £300,000 or lasting more than 3 years.

Personal Chairs

BHF Professors appointed to recognised UK centres of excellence should bring research leadership at an internationally competitive level and a commitment to training future cardiovascular scientists.

New Horizons Grants

To encourage participation in cardiovascular research by scientists from outside traditional cardiovascular biology, and to bring novel expertise to the field.

Infrastructure Grants

To fund essential infrastructure to support cardiovascular research in an academic institution.

Strategic Initiatives

To fund strategic capital needs or a strategic appointment.

Translational Awards

To support the pre-clinical development of new cardiovascular medicines and technologies so that they are attractive for follow-on funding.

BHF-Turing Cardiovascular Data Science Awards

To support collaborative research between cardiovascular investigators and data scientists that could generate data science solutions to key cardiovascular problems.


Non-clinical fellowships

Non-clinical PhD Studentships

To provide a foundation training in research for basic science graduates.

Advanced Training Awards

To provide researchers with an opportunity to re-train and gain additional expertise within 1 to 3 years of submitting a PhD. Candidates must be moving into a different field of science or entering cardiovascular science from a different discipline.

Immediate Postdoctoral Basic Science Research Fellowships

To provide an opportunity for the most promising newly qualified postdoctoral researchers to make an early start in developing their independent cardiovascular research careers in an established institution in the UK.

Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowships

To fund talented individuals with the potential to become research leaders.

Career Re-entry Research Fellowships

To provide an opportunity to re-establish a career in cardiovascular science after a career break of one or more years.

Senior Basic Science Research Fellowships

To fund outstanding individuals with a track record of internationally competitive research.

Clinical fellowships

MBPhD Studentships

To allow talented medical students to complete a PhD before the end of their medical degree; restricted to UK institutions that have recognised MBPhD programmes.

Clinical Research Training Fellowships

To provide a training in research after Foundation Year two and before consultant status.

Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowships

To fund individuals with an established research record who intend to become leaders in academic medical research. The individual may progress to consultant level during the fellowship.

Clinical Research Leave Fellowships

To allow NHS consultants with a recent research record to carry out research in a recognised UK centre of excellence in cardiovascular medicine.

Senior Clinical Research Fellowships

To fund outstanding individuals with a track record of internationally competitive research.

Other funding schemes

Starter Grants for Clinical Lecturers

To provide start up funds to allow Clinical Lecturers to pursue cardiovascular research.

Travel Fellowships

To fund a visit by an experienced researcher to a distinguished laboratory abroad, either for a short period to acquire specialist expertise, or for a longer period to carry out research that cannot be done in the UK.

BHF-Daphne Jackson Fellowships

To provide an opportunity for basic scientists to return to cardiovascular research at an established research institution in the UK after a career break of two years or more

BHF-Fulbright Commission Scholar Awards

An opportunity for an accomplished postdoctoral researcher with ambassadorial skills to spend a year in the United States undertaking laboratory based research.

Small Meeting Funds

Up to £3,000 towards the support of small meetings in the UK on focused areas of cardiovascular science.