Costing salaries and stipends

We have a strict accounting system to control approved projects.

Notes to assist Finance Officers

The following notes are to assist Finance Officers and applicants prior to submitting grant applications and should be read in conjunction with our Standard Conditions of Grant.

It is extremely unlikely that any supplements can be given over the original grant allocation.

If a supplement is required for any reason, then a written application must be made to us in advance.

The following should be complied with when costing grant applications:

  • Salaries should be calculated from the start date of the project based on national payscales or recognised local pay models.
  • Salaries applied for should show basic rate (with grade and scale point), employer’s National Insurance, superannuation and London Allowance (if applicable).
  • Salaries for named individuals must state their current basic salary, source of funding and contract end date.
  • Salaries should allow for normal increments during the term of the grant. The increment date should be given.
  • We will honour nationally or locally agreed cost of living increases only on approved salaries. A provision for this should not be included in the costs.
  • As a consequence of the revised National Payscales and Universities operating local pay models, we have withdrawn our Salary Enhancement Scheme with effect from 1 October 2005.
  • We will not pay the UK apprenticeship levy.

PhD studentships - stipend rates

We set our own rates for PhD Studentships. The rates with effect from 1 October 2017 until further notice are as follows:

Year 1

  • Within London £22,278
  • Outside London £19,919

Year 2

  • Within London £24,093
  • Outside London £21,542

Year 3

  • Within London £26,057
  • Outside London £23,298

We will cover the cost of University fees at the home rate providing these are applied for at the time of application. International fees will not be covered.