The heart health catalogue cover

The heart health catalogue

Catalogue | 136 pages

English | Published: 01/08/2015

  • Resource code: M116
  • Publication for: Care and families, Company employees, General public, Healthcare professionals, Teachers and school staff
  • Subject: About the BHF, Being active, Healthy eating, Heart conditions, Smoking, Statistics, Treatments for heart condition, Workplace health
  • Age group: Adults
  • Maximum order quantity: 50

This catalogue details the information, services and programmes provided by the BHF, to healthcare professionals, schools, businesses, health promoters and community groups/workers.

If you're a healthcare professional or work in any way to help people improve their heart health - this catalogue is for you. If you're a member of the public looking to find out more about what information offers about heart conditions, their treatment and prevention, take a look at Take heart.