Live with a healthy heart booklet cover

Live with a healthy heart

DVD | 46 minutes / 36 pages

English | Published: 27/03/2015

  • Resource code: G448/0115
  • Publication for: General public
  • Subject: Lifestyle advice
  • Age group: All
  • Maximum order quantity: 30

The DVD is divided into 6 chapters, and comes with a booklet as well. The first chapter describes what coronary heart disease is and what the risk factors are. The next 5 follow real life stories of people with learning disabilities who are trying to make changes to their lifestyles to help them live with a healthy heart.

The booklet that accompanies the DVD reinforces the messages in the DVD and provides the readers with extra information about each of the risk factors. It contains photographic illustrations from each of the relevant stories to allow the reader to link the written text to the DVD.

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