Active heart, healthy heart DVD

Active heart healthy heart



  • Resource code: DVD29, DVD29A and DVD29B
  • Publication for: Healthcare professionals
  • Subject: Lifestyle advice, Being active, Living with heart disease

Active heart, healthy heart is a DVD which provides a fully seated, an assisted standing and five levels of fully standing exercise programmes suitable for patients engaged in a cardiac rehabilitation programme (CRP). Accompanying the DVD are two booklets; 'a guide for cardiac rehabilitation professionals' and for patients 'your step-by-step guide.' 

The codes for ordering the following resources are: 

  • DVD29: This DVD must be used under the guidance of a cardiac rehabilitation professional, though patients can do the exercises at home.
  • DVD29A: 'A guide for cardiac rehabilitation professionals.' This booklet provides guidance and further information about the DVD. 
  • DVD29B: 'Your step-by-step guide' for patients. This booklet accompanies the DVD and provides guidance for patients using the DVD. 

To order any of these resources please call the BHF Orderline on 0870 600 6566