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Survival and support

New findings show why tackling air pollution must be top priority

27 May 2018

We urge the Government to introduce a new Clean Air Act that adopts World Health Organisation (WHO) air quality guidelines, as a survey commissioned by the charity shows two thirds (65%) of respondents are concerned about the effect of air pollution on their health.

Ballet students swap ballet lessons for life saving CPR training

25 May 2018

Ballet students at Elmhurst Ballet School in Birmingham join our nation of lifesavers campaign and learn life saving CPR skills.

Digital solution could help thousands of Scots with high blood pressure

1 May 2018

New digital approaches are being tried in Scotland to help people with high blood pressure to understand and monitor their condition at home

People with hidden heart conditions to be detected thanks to Miles Frost Fund

26 February 2018

Thousands more patients at risk of deadly inherited heart conditions are to be screened each year following the roll out of a £1.5m genetic testing service by the family of the late Sir David Frost and the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Over three quarters of people in England say they would support changing the law for organ donation

21 February 2018

Over three quarters of people in England say they would support changing the law for organ donation. The BHF is urging people to ask their local MP to attend parliament this Friday to vote in favour of an ‘opt-out’ organ donation system.

Thousands of people at risk of preventable heart attacks and strokes

20 February 2018

New figures from The Stroke Association and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) show that detection and treatment of high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation (AF), both risk factors for stroke and heart attack, are falling behind current NICE guidelines.

First aid skills shortage in the UK

26 January 2018

Three of the UK’s largest charities are seeking public support for first aid to become a compulsory part of the school curriculum, following new research which shows more than nine in ten adults (95%) would not be able to save lives in first aid emergencies.

Focus on atrial fibrillation would help tackle burden of stroke in Scotland

23 January 2018

A new report published today says that Scotland has an important opportunity to reduce the burden of stroke on its healthcare system by focusing on Atrial Fibrillation (AF). AF is a major cause of stroke and nearly 50,000 people are undiagnosed.

Half of UK heart attack patients missing out on lifesaving aftercare

18 January 2018

Thousands of heart attack patients are missing out on cardiac rehabilitation following a heart attack, increasing their risk of suffering a fatal heart attack, according to new figures published today.

New service to prevent heart attacks across Yorkshire

13 December 2017

The BHF and NHS England have today launched a new service to prevent heart attacks across Yorkshire and Humber.