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Our story

We've partnered with the British Heart Foundation in a bid to give unloved clothing a second life.

Each year over 1m bags of textiles are donated to British Heart Foundation shops across the country, but sadly some of the items aren't able to be sold and are then sold onto rag merchants, where unfortunately some of the items end up in landfill.

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But not anymore! Lifecycle takes those unwanted items from the British Heart Foundation, breaks them down to their original fibres, creates new fabrics and uses them to create new high quality clothing items.

Every item we sell, not only saves the planet, but also helps saves lives with 100% of the profits funding the British Heart Foundations life saving research into heart and circulatory diseases, diabetes, stroke and vascular dementia.

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We’re currently running a pilot and not quite ready to launch nationally. Please click a face below to tell us how you feel about this scheme, which we are testing.

This is a test for market research. There will be no further communication and we won't collect your personal details. Stay up to date on this project by following our Facebook page.

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