Hearty Lives Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale

Three BHF nurses

In Rochdale men are 56 per cent more likely to die early from coronary heart disease than the national average, and women are 84 per cent more likely to die early.

Hearty Lives Heywood Middleton & Rochdale is our £460,000 project to help fight coronary heart disease in the local area. We’ve teamed up with Rochdale Borough Council and NHS Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale to help you to stay healthy.

Our aim

Our three BHF Hearty Lives cardiovascular specialist nurses, (Sarah McStay, Christine Reade and Ngaire Smith, pictured above) have been out and about in the community, offering free health checks and helping you to access free services that will keep you fit and healthy. Together, they have been:

  • working in the most deprived areas of the Rochdale borough to raise awareness of heart disease
  • providing easily accessible health checks and vascular checks to the local community
  • advising those at risk of heart disease about which services can help.

Bushra Nasreen, BHF area development manager says: "We want people living in the borough of Rochdale to have the chance to enjoy better lives, to live long enough to play with their grandchildren and to continue to lead an active, healthy and fulfilling life well into their later years."

Who we've helped

After my heart attack, I was left feeling frightened, confused and in denial. The support I received from my Heart Nurse was second to none.

Hearty Lives participant

Sue from Lower Healey had a heart attack seven years ago. She was fit and active with a good diet, so her heart attack came completely out of the blue. Sue was at home alone at the time and experienced a pain in her chest. As she couldn’t breathe or speak she texted “ambulance quick” to her son who then called for an ambulance. Sue had a second heart attack while she was in hospital.

Sue received care and support from a BHF Heart Nurse, and has given her full backing to the Hearty Lives Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale project.

She said: “I think the Hearty Lives programme is vital to heart patients in the Rochdale area. After I had my heart attack I was left feeling frightened, confused and in denial. The support I received from my Heart Nurse, Sue, was second to none. It was priceless and she was like a new best friend. Anyone can benefit from this kind of care, it is essential.”

More info

For more information on our Hearty Lives programme, please contact Area Development Manager Bushra Nasreen on [email protected].