Hearty Lives Hartlepool

A father feeding a young child

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is a major contributor to low life expectancy in Hartlepool and has impacted on many families for generations.

Hearty Lives Hartlepool is a £100,000 project in partnership with Hartlepool Borough Council to address contributing factors to poor heart health. 

The health of Hartlepool residents is improving, but compared to the rest of the UK they continue to suffer more ill health and disability. They experience higher death rates from diseases such as cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease and live with differences in ‘health experience’ between communities (those in the most deprived areas experience more ill health).

Our aim

To support children and young people to make healthier lifestyle choices and break the cycle of ill health and premature death from CVD experienced by their parents and grandparents.

We aim to:

  • encourage children and young people to get involved in physical activity, eat well and lead healthier lifestyles.
  • increase awareness amongst children about the causes of CVD through education and play.
  • empower children to make healthier lifestyle choices by giving them the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • increase children’s self-esteem and assertiveness skills.
  • increase understanding among parents and other influential adults about health and wellbeing.

More info

For more information about Hearty Lives Hartlepool please contact Area Development Manager Kevin Fitzpatrick on [email protected].