Hearty Lives Gateshead

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Hearty Lives Gateshead will be an innovative £100,000 project working in partnership with voluntary groups, primary care and the local authority to improve men’s health.

Gateshead was chosen to receive funding due to the high levels of risk factors for heart disease in the area. Only one third of men in the Gateshead currently undertake the weekly recommended amount of exercise, around 1 in 6 smoke and 66% are classed as overweight or obese.

Hearty Lives Gateshead will use a community approach to encourage men to take part in healthy lifestyle initiatives. Initial research will be carried out to determine how men currently perceive their health, their knowledge of risk factors, relationship with health services and their attitudes towards making healthy lifestyle changes.

The project aims to encourage and empower local men to better heart health through tailored resources and services.

More info

You can find more information about Hearty Lives Gateshead on their website, or you can contact the Area Development Manager Kevin Fitzpatrick on [email protected].