Hearty Lives Fife

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Coronary heart disease accounts for a large number of hospital admissions and premature deaths in Fife.

Hearty Lives Fife was a £100,000 project working alongside NHS Fife and Fife Cardiac Rehab Services to improve quality of life for heart patients in the Fife area.

The project ended in September 2012.

Our aim

To provide health coaching services focused on cardiac rehabilitation in areas of Fife with high levels of deprivation and heart disease. Two cardiac health coaches, Lynsey McGregor and Fiona Prendergast lead the service by:

  • providing information for patients who require support to improve their lifestyles
  • directing patients to relevant local services
  • helping to identify and follow up on those patients who drop out of the various phases of rehabilitation.

Hearty Lives Fife allowed Fife Cardiac Rehabilitation Services to increase in capacity, seeing referrals double and the support service redesigned.

This created a central point of access for patients referred to cardiac rehabilitation. Three new cardiac programmes were established, including one evening class in an area of high CVD incidence.

These new programmes have helped to increase access of cardiac rehabilitation, increasing choice of venues and activity.

More info

For more information please contact Jemima Traill, Lead Cardiac Rehab Nurse, [email protected].