Hearty Lives Fenland

A cookery class

There are significant health inequalities between the district of Fenland and the rest of Cambridgeshire and the East of England.

In partnership with NHS Cambridgeshire, the Hearty Lives Fenland project aims to tackle these inequalities and help high risk groups in Fenland.

The project

We are working with the traveller community in Fenland as this community has an increased risk of heart disease. We are offering:

  •     the opportunity for heart patients to increase their heart health literacy levels,
  •     medicine reviews to all who have a cardiac condition,
  •     health checks to all members of the community.

Successes in the first year

  • 17 people have signed up to the Literacy programme
  • 21 health checks delivered
  • Several people referred to their GP for further investigation and treatment
  • 18 community events to promote the service
  • Two volunteers from the community have attended the Healthy hearts kit training and have received their RSPH Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement course.
  • A Heart Hero award in 2013 for Caroline Symonds – someone who has benefited from the literacy training and lifestyle training

More info

For more information about Hearty Lives Fenland please contact Area Development Manager Diane Card on [email protected].