Hearty Lives Dundee

People posing with Hearty charachter

Hearty Lives Dundee is a £1.3 million programme to reduce heart disease and improve the heart health of people living in Dundee.

Heart disease is the single biggest cause of premature death in Scotland. People in Dundee are far more likely to die from heart disease than those in many other parts of the country.

Working with NHS Tayside, we aim to provide heart health services closer to the homes and communities of people living in Dundee, ensuring that they receive the best possible chance of reducing their risk of developing heart disease and providing optimal health care for those who unknowingly having heart disease, and also improve their quality of life.

Hearty Lives Dundee has already reached hundreds of people who would not normally have access to health checks.These health checks can identify unknown risk factors and may help prevent people from developing heart disease.

Our aim

The focus of the current projects in Hearty Lives Dundee is to actively support and encourage lifestyle change in specific groups, including families and those on low incomes.

We are doing this in a range of ways, all of which are designed to promote small practical changes that make a real difference.

We are also encouraging young people to learn how to deal with health emergencies by bringing the Heartstart programme to schools.

The programme will make it easier for the city's people to make and maintain healthy changes to their lives.

Achievements so far

  • We have offered health assessments to people aged 40-44 living in targeted areas in and around Dundee. We have also provided opportunistic health checks in a variety of alternative community settings. These services have since been sustained by NHS Tayside “Keep Well” health checks.
  • We have run a nurse led Cardiovascular Risk Clinic in the community specifically for people with complex cardiovascular disease. The clinic assessment includes 24 hour blood pressure monitoring and cardiovascular risk calculation.
  • We have taken the Cardiology clinic which is delivered by a Consultant Cardiologist and is normally hospital-based, into the Community

Ongoing activity

  • The Workplace Health Coaching project employs a part time health coach to support individuals on low incomes to make healthy lifestyle changes.
  • The Active Families programme uses a family approach to promote healthy lifestyles, with a focus on increasing physical activity and healthy eating, targeting families in Dundee's regeneration areas. Families can now self-refer to request this support.
  • Small Healthy Communities grants of up to £500 are available to encourage communities to get involved in making Dundee a healthier place.
  • A coordinator is increasing the involvement of Dundee schools in our life saving skills course, known as Heartstart.
  • A community worker will be training volunteers to deliver the BHF Healthy Hearts Kit.
  • We have a programme coordinator who is tying together the different strands of this project, including local (external) evaluation.

More info

For more information about Hearty Lives Dundee please contact Area Development Manager Linda O'Neill on [email protected]