Healthy family meals

With a family of five to feed every day, the food bill can really start to add up – so Faiqa was looking for ways to make heart healthy meals for her family without breaking the bank.


“I really wanted to explore, how can I carry on with better lifestyle, better food, with a low budget - and good for my children’s heart, and my heart too - because I’m not getting younger - I’m no spring chicken!” says Faiqa, who has to think about the health needs of her family, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol.

After meeting dietitian Sue Baic, Faiqa and Sue worked together to make and heart-healthy meal for the family. They used Faiqa’s normal recipes and ingredients with small changes, like adding a low-cost vegetable side dish, cutting the salt and reducing the amount of fat.

Now Faiqa’s looking forward to making more low-cost heart-healthy meals for her family.

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Faiqa's recipes

Faiqa’s Jalfrezi was based on the recipe on page 32 of the BHF Taste of South Asia cookbook, which you can download or order for free. The bhindi okra side dish was made to the recipe on page 22 of the cookbook.

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Top tips

  • Choose wholegrain foods when you can. If you find wholegrain rice is more expensive or not to your taste, try mixing wholegrain basmati half and half with white basmati.
  • Keep a stock of frozen vegetables in the freezer so you always have the ingredients for a healthy side dish to hand.
  • Switch from saturated fats like ghee to unsaturated fats like vegetable oils or rapeseed oil for a heart-healthier meal.
  • If you can afford the up-front cost, buying store cupboard essentials like oil and rice in bulk can often work out cheaper in the long run.

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