10 minutes to change your life

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What could you do in ten minutes?  Making small changes to your daily routine can make a big difference to your heart health – which in the long term could save your life.

So we’re challenging you to take 10 minutes every day to make small changes for a healthier heart.

To help you on your way, our free 10 minutes to change your life guides each contain a week-long challenge to help you get started.

Time to get moving

This simple guide to getting active includes information about why you should be active, and tells you what type of activity you need to do to help your heart. It comes with a challenge chart to help you track your activity over a week and set yourself a goal for the future.

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Time to eat well

This booklet explains what to eat and what not to eat to help keep your heart healthy. It comes with a challenge chart to help you track how much fruit and veg you're eating, and what foods you're eating that are high in saturated fat and salt.

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Time to quit

A quick guide explaining why it's important to quit smoking. It talks about different ways to quit and how to find people who can help you. It comes with a chart to help you plan how you're going to quit, and tick off your smoking-free days.

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Call time on alcohol

A simple guide to how alcohol can affect your heart.

It comes with a challenge chart to help you track how much you're drinking, and set a goal to cut down if you need to.

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Take time out

A short booklet full of ideas to help you lower your stress levels and keep your body and mind healthy. It comes with a planner to help you pinpoint likely ‘danger spots’ for stressful situations and plan in some stress-busting activities.

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High blood pressure

This simple guide is for people who have been told they have high blood pressure, or are at risk of getting it. 

It explains what high blood pressure is, what can cause it, and what you can do to lower it. This booklet comes with a planner for you to track your salt intake, alcohol intake, and physical activity, then set a goal to help reduce your blood pressure.

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Lowering cholesterol

A quick guide for people with high cholesterol. This booklet explains why it's important to lower your cholesterol and makes simple suggestions for keeping your heart healthy.

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Managing diabetes

This short booklet explains how diabetes affects your heart and suggests some easy actions you can take to keep your heart healthy.

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