Heart and mental health

Your heart health and mental health are linked.

Your heart health and mental health are closely connected.

Research has shown that people with severe mental health problems are two to three times more likely to suffer from heart and circulatory diseases due to medication and lifestyle factors.

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How can I improve my heart health?

You can help lower your risk of heart and circulatory diseases by making healthy changes to your lifestyle that will benefit your mental, physical and heart health:

Eat a healthy diet

Healthy eating can help control your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It can also help improve your mood and reduce symptoms of depression.

Get active

Being physically active can help make your muscles stronger, help you to lose weight and lower your blood pressure. Regular exercise can also boost your mental health. It can ease anxiety and depression and make you sleep better.

Stop smoking

Smoking is one of the leading causes of heart and circulatory diseases, including coronary heart disease and stroke. Instead of helping you relax, smoking actually increases anxiety and tension and may stop your mental health medication working properly.

Cutting down on alcohol

Alcohol changes your mood so you may drink to help you feel better or deal with the symptoms of your mental health problem. Alcohol is a depressant so it can change your mood for the worse very quickly and make your mental health condition worse. 

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