Heart conditions in young people

Artresia? Stenosis? Understanding your heart condition does not have to be confusing. Our Info Sheets make it easier for you to learn about how your heart works and how it is affected by your condition. 


A lot of people with congenital heart conditions feel overwhelmed by all the medical details and sometimes it feels easier to avoid thinking about it. But the more you know about your life and your health, the more control you have.

These Info Sheets will help you understand more about your condition:

Resources to support you

All of our resources have either been written by young people with congenital heart conditions, or by our team who write especially for young people with heart conditions. This means that they focus on the information, guidance and support you need as you get older, gain independence and make choices.

Newly diagnosed

Find out what Bryn has to say about being diagnosed with a heart condition, and why not to let it hold you back. 

Watch Shannon tell her story about being diagnosed with CPVT

Do you want to meet other young people with heart conditions?

Are you over 13 and living with a heart condition in the UK? Join one of our young people’s support programmes.

They are a great way to get information, help and support, and meet other young heart patients at free events. 

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