Blood pressure - know your numbers

High blood pressure isn’t usually something that you can feel or notice, but if you have it you’re more likely to develop coronary heart disease or have a stroke.

Why your numbers matter

As many as 7 million people in the UK are living with undiagnosed high blood pressure, without knowing they are at risk.

The good news? Knowledge is power. If you know you have high blood pressure, there are lifestyle changes and medicines available to help you get back into the normal range, or manage the condition to ensure you don’t develop further health complications.

But the only way to know whether you need to make these changes is to have your blood pressure measured.

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How can I find out if I have high blood pressure?

Your doctor or a nurse at your local practice will be able to measure your blood pressure for you, and explain what the numbers mean. It’s a quick and simple process, and some surgeries and pharmacies even have a ‘walk in’ service for blood pressure monitoring. To find out how your practice conducts blood pressure checks, give them a call.

If you live in England and are aged 40-74, then you can get a free NHS Health Check where you'll find out your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers and learn how healthy your heart is.

How to get a NHS Health Check