Welsh Understanding physical activity cover

Understanding physical activity (Welsh)

Leaflet / flyer | 16 pages

Welsh | Published: 24/07/2019

  • Resource code: U007W/0619
  • Publication for: General public
  • Subject: Being active, Lifestyle advice
  • Age group: All
  • Maximum order quantity: 100

This is the Welsh language version of our Understanding physical activity leaflet.

This short leaflet explains why being inactive increases your risk of heart and circulatory diseases. It tells you what type of activity you need to do to help your heart, and includes tips for building physical activity into your everyday life.

Dyma fersiwn Gymraeg ein taflen Deall Gweithgarwch Corfforol.

Dyma daflen fer sy’n esbonio pam y mae byw bywyd llonydd yn cynyddu’r perygl y cewch glefydau’r galon a chylchrediad y gwaed. Mae’n dweud pa fath o weithgarwch y dylech ei wneud i helpu’ch calon, ac yn cynnwys cyngor am gynnwys gweithgarwch corfforol yn eich bywyd bob-dydd.

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