Life after heart problems: 10 inspiring tips

Read inspiring words of wisdom from people who have been through heart attack, heart surgery or cardiac arrest.

1. “Just to be able to voice your fears and feelings is helpful”

Trevor Munkenbeck and his wife

Read more about Trevor Munkenbeck who found his heart attack had big emotional effects.

2. “I told myself that instead of seeing how far I had to go, I would look back and see how far I had come”

Rehana Browne

Read more about how Rehana Browne survived a cardiac arrest when she was 22.

3. “It was an opportunity to rebuild my life from scratch”

Stan Flukes

Read more about Simon Morgan, 58, who had dilated cardiomyopathy and a heart transplant.

4. “You need to surround yourself with family and friends”

Linda Bartle

Read about how Linda Bartle, 64, has been supported by other people after suffering a heart attack.

5. “Keep as active as you can”

Stan Flukes  

Read more about Stan Flukes, 79, who says that having a pacemaker fitted 21 years ago gave him a second lease of life.

6. “It’s very important you don’t just heal up on the physical side. The psychological side is also very important”

Dr Richard Gale 

Read more about Dr Richard Gale, a former GP, who has worked with cardiac patients and had emergency heart surgery last year. 

7. “I think a sense of humour is vital, to laugh at yourself and not to complain or allow things to get you down”

Bill Overton 

Read more about Bill Overton, 72, who takes 26 tablets a day for severe heart failure and other conditions.

8. “Try to talk openly with your partner”

Tom Riley and his wife 

Read more about Tom Riley, 86, who developed angina in his early 60s and have a heart bypass.

9. “My motto is get up, get dressed, and get out there”

Carl Portman 

Read how a heart rhythm problem hasn’t stopped Carl Portman’s jungle adventures.

10.“Gardening gives me a sense of achievement when so much isn’t achievable anymore”

Paul Peacock

Read how Paul Peacock, 57, lives with heart failure but is still a keen gardener.

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