8 common questions about BHF research

Do you know how many research projects the BHF is funding? Discover the answers to 8 common queries about our research, and learn how your donations are helping our researchers to beat heartbreak forever.

Research icon - moneyHow much does the BHF spend on research?

Between 2015 and 2020 we're aiming to spend half a billion pounds on research.

Learn how we're changing lives with research.


Research icon - impactHow much impact does BHF research have?

In 2017, our researchers reported 257 instances where their research had a significant impact on policy or professional practice.

Discover how our researchers are finding the genes that cause heart disease.


Research icon - papersHow many funding applications does the BHF receive?

560 research funding applications were received in 2016-17, from teams all over the UK. We said yes to 220 of the best.

Meet the hidden heroes of BHF research.


Research icon - booksHow many research articles does the BHF get published?

In 2017-17, 1791 BHF-funded research articles were published.

Explore our interactive to discover our research beyond the heart.


Research icon - microscopeHow many research projects does the BHF fund?

We are funding more than 800 research projects across the UK.

Learn about some of our recently-funded research projects.


Research icon - coinsHow much of my donation goes towards funding BHF research?

70p of every pound we raise goes towards life-saving research.

Watch our animation to learn how we're finding a cure for inherited heart conditions.


Research icon - globeHow much of the BHF's research is international?

Almost 50% of research papers with BHF funding (from 2010 to 2014) had international co-authors. These collaborators were spread across 95 countries. 

Read about Dr Rajiv Chowdhury's global research project into arsenic and heart disease risk.


Research icon - peopleHow many scientists does the BHF fund?

We fund more than 1,000 of the brightest scientists from many different disciplines, to find new ways to beat the heartbreak caused by heart and circulatory diseases.

Meet 10 inspirational women in science.




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