The patient's experience of heart disease

Abdul Khan

Abdul Khan, 71, is married with five children and lives in Ramsgate, Kent. He had a heart attack in June 2010.

It was about a month after my 70th birthday and I’d just been out to the shops. When I got home I started to get a pain in my chest and didn’t feel well.

I went upstairs to lie down, but the pain became so severe that I called out for help and Ranbir, my son-in-law, called an ambulance.

They came within five minutes and took me to my local hospital, where doctors confirmed a heart attack and carried out an angioplasty, a procedure to widen an artery.

I now have to take a cocktail of drugs every day, but it’s worth it because I have a lot to live for

The doctor said that the arteries around my heart were narrowed through a build-up of fatty plaques and that a blood clot had blocked off one of them. This was not only frightening for me and my family but it was a big shock, too – I’ve always eaten healthily and been active, and it just happened out of the blue.

The following day, I was transferred to King’s College Hospital, London, where I stayed for almost a month. Later in the year, I was admitted back to the hospital and had bypass surgery the day after. I spent a further six days in hospital, but I recovered well and am now trying to enjoy life with my family.

The heart attack has affected all of us. I now have to take a cocktail of drugs every day, but it’s worth it because I have a lot to live for.

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