5 amazing science videos

We create lots of videos and animations to help inform, inspire and support people to live a heart-healthy lifestyle. Here are 5 of the best science videos we've produced recently. Prepare to be amazed...

1. Making chemotherapy safer


Chemotherapy can save lives, but it can also permanently damage the heart. Watch BHF researcher Dr Kerstin Timm talk about how her work is trying to stop it, and hear cancer patient Philippa Coffey’s experience of heart failure. Read more about the research and Philippa’s story.

2. What is DVT and how can we prevent it?

A deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a serious condition, and around 600,000 people develop DVT in the UK every year. Watch our animation to learn more about DVT and the BHF research working to prevent it, and read more from Professor Steve Watson.

3. Research into organ transplant rejection

BHF Professor Federica Marelli-Berg's research into the immune system is fighting back against organ transplant rejection and myocarditis. Watch the video and read more about Professor Marelli-Berg's work.

4. Research into blood clots


Tom McKinnon is aiming to find a new drug that reduces the risk of blood clots that can cause heart attacks and strokes. Watch our video to learn more about his BHF-funded research into blood clots.

5. Is this the future of replacement heart valves?


Chemical engineer Dr Geoff Moggridge is perfecting a material to tackle heart valve disease. Watch our animation to find out about the discovery, and read more about Dr Moggridge's heart valve research.

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