Our 7 best photos of 2015

There are few better reasons to go for a walk or bike ride than the UK’s spectacular landscapes. We showcase some of our best photos of the last year, to inspire you to get active in the great outdoors.

A blanket of snow in a winter wonderland

A snowy woodland scene with a lake

Crisp winter air to make your cheeks pink and your heart sing. 

Gentle inclines on Salter’s Fell Trail, Lancashire

Iconic cycling photos  

Be inspired by the endless hills dyed blue by the distance. 

Majestic scenery at the Black Mount range, Scotland

Wild, remote and jagged, the Scottish Highlands are unrivalled in scale and grandeur. 

Breathtaking dawn views of Ben Nevis, Scotland

Ben Nevis, Scotland

Ben Kreunen / Via Flickr.com

Beautiful Ben Nevis is the UK’s highest mountain. Why not join one of our treks if you enjoy getting out in wild places like this?

The beauty of woods

Autumn tree scene

We used this picture in our ‘Woodland walks for autumn’ article. The falling leaves might be a distant memory now, but there’s plenty of info and tips for walking on the Heart Matters' website that’re relevant all year round. 

Pass Dylan Thomas’ house on the Ceredigion Coast Path, Wales

The Dyfi estuary seen from the Ceredigion Coast Path

Mike Alexander

Ceredigion's Coastal Path passes through an ancient submerged forest and past one of Dylan Thomas' homes.

Pedal your way past Wastwater in the Lake District

Iconic cycling photos

Cycling is a great way to see some of the UK's most beautiful scenery. 

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