Our 5 best videos of 2014

This year, we've met some extraordinary people whose stories we've shared with you. Some of them agreed to let us film them, bringing their stories to life. 

We've filmed the backroom heroes without whom our shops couldn't raise the life saving funds that they do, helped you to get fit with resistance bands, and given advice on sex when you have a heart condition.

Get fit with resistance bands

Heart_Matters_resistance_bands_videoLisa Young is a physical activity expert for the British Heart Foundation. In our May-June 2014 issue, we featured a step-by-step guide to resistance band exercises you can do at home. These are a good way to build strength and flexibility. 

While the images are easy to follow, easier still is to watch Lisa show you how to perform the exercises in our video.

She shows you how to perform a lateral raise, squats, chest compressions, and more. 

Heart_Matters_backroom_videoBackroom Heroes

Volunteers are an essential part of the BHF team. Without them we couldn’t raise the money we need to perform our life saving work.

In September to celebrate the launch of our Bag it. Beat it. campaign, we visited Norma West. Norma helps to sort jewellery generously donated to our Reading store. We took Cordelia Griffin, born with a congenital heart condition, to meet her.

In this heart-warming video watch Norma and Cordelia sorting jewellery together, and find out what has caught Cordelia’s eye, and the special person who sells it to her. 

Sex and heart disease

sex survey video 2In the summer of 2014 we shared the results of our exclusive sex survey, which revealed that three out of four people suffering from a heart condition told us it has also affected their sex life. 

We spoke to two couples about how they'd coped, and shared videos of people talking about their experiences of sex and heart conditions

Coping with loneliness

heart_matters_video_emily_hilaryWhen Hilary Surridge lost her beloved husband Ben to a heart attack she felt incredibly lonely.

It took courage, for Hilary to contact her local BHF shop,and to begin volunteering for us. In this touching video she tells the story of how her confidence has grown helped by her shop manager, Emily Elliott.

Plus, Emily shares the story of the 'amazing woman' she's watched Hilary become. 

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