Best healthy eating advice of 2014

​Good nutrition is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At the BHF, we're lucky to have a team of registered dietitians writing for us. Here are some of the top tips they've served up during 2014. 

Taste the med

Orange and date saladA Mediterranean style of eating is good for your health, and is something we promote often. In January we presented a taste of summer that can last you all year round. 

This included five top tips for eating a Mediterranean style diet, which includes eating more fruit and vegetables and avoiding 'bad fats'. 

Plus, we revealed six things you didn’t know about the Mediterranean-style diet. 

Healthy eating tips from around the world

Jamaican pattiesWhile the Mediterranean diet is the one we most often recommend, we can learn lessons from other cultures, too. We shared 10 things other nations can teach us about healthy eating, which included a whistle-stop tour of the globe including Italy, Spain and Japan.

Why not revisit the tour, and discover why the Spanish are nuts about nuts.

There are also plenty of world foods we should avoid, remind yourself what these are. 

Fish as part of a balanced diet

Grilled fish with salad and new potatoesIn March 2015, we updated you on guidelines surrounding the consumption of fish as a part of a healthy diet for those with, and without cardiovascular disease.

Fish forms a valuable part of a healthy, balanced diet regardless of whether we’ve had a heart attack or not; we gave you easy tips on including fish as part of a balanced diet.

Plus, we presented you with surprising fishy facts, and shared favourite fish dishes as voted for by fans of our Facebook page. 

Facts about salt, and surprisingly salty foods

Pepperoni pizza Too much salt is bad for us increasing the risk of high blood pressure. Most of us are consuming too much of it. Our registered dietitian shared the key facts about salt we should all know.

Salt is included in the unlikeliest of foods, including many foods we eat every day. To keep yourself healthier, check out our list of seven surprisingly salty foods

Eating healthily on a budget, and 10 ways to cut food waste

Perfect poached eggWith household budgets being squeezed by rising fuel, and food prices, we asked our dietitian to offer her advice for eating well on a budget. She presented ten tips for eating well and saving money in our March/April issue.

She also presented a week’s worth of healthy eating menu suggestions

Another way of saving money on food bills is to reduce the amount we throw away. Our article 10 ways to reduce your food waste shows you how. 

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