15 inspiring quotes from people whose stories will amaze you

In 2014, we had the privilege of meeting many amazing survivors, who show that it’s possible to overcome difficult times and make a fresh start. Here are some inspiring words of wisdom from people who have made the ordinary extraordinary.

Gladys Grimstead

1. "If you think you can do it, then do it. Don’t say ‘I can’t do that’"

Gladys, 96, who practices tai chi and has bounced back from many setbacks.

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Eric Pemberton on his sailing boat

2. “You have to understand that the person who has passed on would want you to carry on and live life to the full, because they loved you so much”

Eric Pemberton, 83, has battled the loss of a daughter and a wife, as well as serious heart problems.

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Rehana Browne

3. “By that point I’d been in hospital for about a week and I just thought ‘this is the route to my recovery’ and I felt incredibly lucky to be offered it”

Rehana Browne, 23, after suffering a cardiac arrest.

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Ada Vincent. Photo courtesy of the Swindon Advertiser

4. “Be happy with what you have and get on with it”

Ada, 91, who loves volunteering.

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Sarah McBryde with daughter Ellie

5. “I cannot sit down and say ‘I have got heart disease, oh dear’. I have got to say, ‘sorry, heart disease, but this [looking after my daughter] is more important.’ I couldn't allow it to beat me”

Sarah McBryde, 42, is the main carer for her daughter Ellie and had to deal with coronary heart disease.

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Sandra Cohen

6. “Eventually you learn to live again. You don’t get over the loss of a loved one, but you learn to live differently”

Sandra Cohen, about losing her husband of 19 years.

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Simon Morgan

7. "My outlook is it’s not how long you live, it’s what you put into your life”

Simon Morgan, 58, who had dilated cardiomyopathy and a heart transplant.

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Dr Richard Gale

8. “I wish everyone, before their operation, could chat to someone who’s been through it, who could explain that it’s going to be scary, you’re going to be in pain, but it will get better”

Dr Richard Gale, a former GP, who has worked with cardiac patients and had emergency heart surgery last year

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After 60 years of marriage John Stewart is now a carer as well as a doting husband

9. “I care for Elizabeth out of love and when I look at her, I see that it has to be done”

John Stewart, a carer as well as a doting husband after 60 years of marriage.

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Tom Riley

10. “I’ve found the best way of tackling steepish hills is not to look for the top but to concentrate on the boots”

Tom Riley, 86, who developed angina in his early 60s and have a heart bypass.

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Martin and Louise Tailford

11. “Martin’s heart attack has affected our whole life, sex life included. But it does make us appreciate each other and everything that we have”

Louise Tailford, Martin Tailford’s wife.

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Linda Bartle

12. “You will get down for a little while; you may get angry. That’s OK; you come out the other end. Things do get better”

Linda Bartle, 64, after suffering a heart attack.

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Bill Overton

13. “I think a sense of humour is vital, to laugh at yourself and not to complain or allow things to get you down”

Bill Overton, 72, who takes 26 tablets a day for severe heart failure and other conditions.

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Russel Weller

14. “I just take things as they come. What will be will be. I don’t worry about anything”

Russel Weller, 91, who has had to deal with more health problems than most, including heart failure.

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Sean Moran

15. “My heart attack has opened up a whole new life for me. It has made me look after myself”

Sean Moran, a taxi driver who has changed his life since his heart attack.

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