Top 5 nutrition questions of 2017

This year we’ve answered lots of readers’ questions about all different aspects of diet and healthy eating. Here are the five most popular topics we covered in 2017.

1. Can you eat too much fruit?

Bowl of fruit

We all know we need our 5-a-day, but is it possible to have too much fruit in a heart-healthy diet? Read our expert’s view on fruit.

2. How much caffeine is too much?

Lots of coffee cups

Your morning coffee, an afternoon cuppa, energy drinks... They all contain caffeine, but how much is too much? Read our expert’s view on caffeine.

3. What is ‘clean eating’?

Salad bowl

The term 'clean eating' has become popular, but what does it actually mean, and should you be doing it? Read our expert’s view on 'clean eating'.

4. Are fermented foods good for your heart?

Selection of fermented foods in jars

Fermented foods contain elements that are often linked to health benefits. So you should be adding more of them to your diet? Read our expert’s view on fermented foods.

5. Are artificial sweeteners better than sugar?

Adding a sweetener to coffee

Most of us are eating too much sugar, so is swapping it for an artificial sweetener a better option for your heart? Read our expert’s view on sweeteners.

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