6 top tips on losing weight

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Senior dietitian Victoria Taylor offers her top tips for staying in shape.

1. Forget the food fads

Faddy diets might shed pounds in the short term but are unlikely to keep the weight off in the long term.

2. Get off to a good start

Eating breakfast will make you less likely to snack on fatty and sugary snacks later on, and studies have shown that people who have a regular breakfast tend to be slimmer than those who don’t. So while it might sound unlikely, eating more in the morning might mean you actually eat less throughout the day.

3. Make a list

Planning what you’ll buy before you go to the supermarket will help you to resist temptation when you’re there, as well as ensure you have all the ingredients you need for healthy meals throughout the week.

4. Take caution with your portions

Even healthy food contains calories, so if your portions are too big, you will struggle to lose weight. Try using a smaller plate or bowl to help you cut down without feeling deprived.

5. Everyday eating

Make changes that you can stick to every day – little things like drinking skimmed milk instead of semiskimmed, or using low-fat spreads instead of standard ones. They might seem insignificant, but they can make a big difference over time.

6. One slip does not make a fall

It’s normal to find you have days when it feels more difficult to keep to your plans. Don’t think that this means you have to write off that day completely and give up. Learn from it and get straight back on track.

Weight loss tools

Eatwell Guide 2016We've got lots of tools and information to help you find out if you need to lose weight and, if so, how to keep it off.

  • Eatwell guide (pictured): Check you are eating the right amounts from each of the five food groups for a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Recipe finder: Search for healthy and tasty recipes, whatever your dietary requirements.
  • Guide to food labelling: To understand the nutritional content of your food, download our free guide.
  • BMI calculator: Work out your body mass index (BMI), which gives you an idea of whether you are the right weight for your height.

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