How the BHF helped Freda and Lesley to lose weight

Lesley Smith

More than 100 people in Great Yarmouth have been helped to live healthier lifestyles with help from the BHF.

Our Hearty Lives projects work in many areas of the country, aiming to reduce health inequalities.

The project in Great Yarmouth aims to help people with learning disabilities reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease, working with Norfolk County Council’s Public Health team and Mytime Active.

Freda Knight (pictured below), 71, and Lesley Smith (pictured above), 54, are two of the people who have benefited.

Whilst seeing Kelly Rayson, the Hearty Lives Health Trainer, Freda and Lesley both learned the importance of keeping their hearts healthy and were both supported with developing goals to help them do this. They were both also referred to exercise sessions and healthy cooking sessions.

Freda KnightFreda says: “Since seeing Kelly I have dropped a couple of dress sizes, I feel more confident and have made lots of changes to what I eat. I now eat more fruit and vegetables and salads and less biscuits, sweets and fried food.

“I go to a community gym once a week, as well as going to other exercise groups. I am walking more too.”

On top of this, Freda’s blood pressure has reduced thanks to the healthy choices she now makes.

Lesley still attends her exercise sessions and has joined a mainstream walking group and a seated exercise class.

Between the first and the last session Freda lost nearly 11kg (21lbs) and Lesley lost 8 kg (18lbs).

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If you live in the Great Yarmouth area and want to find out more or want to eat more healthily, become more active or quit smoking, contact Dean Wilson (Health Trainer Co-ordinator) on 07795806829 or email [email protected].

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