Maria’s tips for dealing with a heart condition

Maria Davies in the pool

Maria Davey, who was born with a heart condition, tells us about how she dealt with heart surgery and found a new active lifestyle, too.

1. Look after yourself – eat healthily and exercise regularly to make the most of your health.

2. Build physical activity into your daily routine and also plan in times during your week when you will be more active, such as going swimming or cycling.

3. When recovering from surgery, I found it useful to keep a daily diary detailing what I had managed to achieve, so that I could concentrate on the things that I was able to do, rather than dwell on those that I couldn’t.

4. Set yourself achievable goals and celebrate when you achieve them.

5. If you’re having a bad day and don’t have the energy, don’t beat yourself up. Just rest and try again the next day.

6. Remember that you didn’t choose to have this condition – but you can choose how to live with it.

7. Having love and support from your friends and family does make a difference, but to love yourself is the greatest gift of all.

8. Anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it. You only have one life – make the most of it as best you can.

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