"With a little help from my friends" - in pictures

Barbara lost confidence when she had a heart attack and later heart surgery, but friends and family helped her find her feet. See the touching pictures with Barbara's inspirational words.

Barbara Hardy

“Sixteen years ago I suffered a heart attack, then even worse, tests showed that I would need a replacement valve in my heart, and a single bypass. I was in shock.”


Barbara Hardy holding her great-grandson's hands

Things like this absolutely take all your confidence. To get back your confidence again is not easy. You have got to learn to do everything again.

Barbara Hardy cooking with her family

“Although heart surgery is a very frightening thought, you will be better at the end of it and you will be able to live your life more fully.”

Barbara Hardy and her daughter, Sarah Foster

“There really is life after heart attack and heart surgery. You just need encouragement from loved ones to enjoy living life again.”

Barbara Hardy with her great-grandson

“We were so excited to become great grandparents.”

Barbara Hardy and family

“Our grandchildren are wonderful to us. We have so many blessings, we really have.”

Barbara Hardy and her husband John

You have been made better, you can get up again.

Barbara Hardy and her husband, John

“I feel so lucky to be alive and so thankful.”

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