Wire me up, by Robert Davis

Pacemaker illustration

Robert Davis wrote this poem about his experience of heart problems and having a pacemaker fitted. He says: "The run up to my heart attack was a build up of fluid on the lungs and in the abdomen, then suddenly, bingo! The poem says the rest."


Two in the morning is hardly the time

To have pain in the chest, oh heck!

A heart attack? Me? I'm in my prime

Fit, healthy and bolshie, no doddering wreck.


The ambo arrives, two ladies appear

They take a look, but can't suss it out

Heartbeat is rubbish, it's bad, I fear

I'm off to A&E with no shadow of doubt.

Medical progress just saved the day


They inject, they spray, they x-ray as well

It all seems routine, no need to fret

Wife's in a panic, which she's trying to quell

All's under control, I ain't dead yet.

In a fortnight I'm sorted and ready to go

Though threatened with action, what will it be?

A stent, an ablation, aargh! 'Ere half a mo

Just whip off the cannula and set me free.


Oh the pacemaker's fine, I'm a real lucky guy

A superb piece of kit that has paved the way

To a quality of life I'd feared had passed me by

Medical progress just saved the day.

The poems published in this section are creative writing by Heart Matters readers. They should not be taken as medical advice.It isn’t always easy to express your emotions, but writing poetry can be a way of putting your feelings down on paper which many people find helpful. If you’d like your poem about any aspect of heart disease or caring for someone to appear in this section, email it to hmeditor@bhf.org.uk

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