The road to recovery: heart bypass, by Patricia Rose

A winding road

Patricia Rose wrote this poem after her husband had a heart attack. She says: "I’ve found that writing poetry helps me to think positively – especially when I am writing with others in mind, to give them hope."

The road to recovery: heart bypass

My husband’s recent heart attack
Came from out of the blue,
It was 2am in the morning
And I knew what I had to do.

The ambulance arrived in no time
And the hospital had been made aware,
It had all come as a terrible shock
But the Paramedics were taking care.

The Coronary Care Ward discovered
He had two blocked arteries, no less,
The only option was bypass surgery
Which thankfully proved a success.

It was thanks to the skill of the surgeons
And the wonderful aftercare team,
That gave my husband a new lease of life - 
Though it may take time it would seem.

Now my husband is home and is healing
And is taking things a day at a time,
With positive thinking he’s progressing
Now each day has a reason and rhyme.

The British Heart Foundation books
Have helped him enormously,
Step by step they have guided him
Along the road to his recovery.

That’s why we send heartfelt thanks
And our enormous gratitude to
The British Heart Foundation
For the wonderful work they do.

The poems published in this section are creative writing by Heart Matters readers. They should not be taken as medical advice.
It isn’t always easy to express your emotions, but writing poetry can be a way of putting your feelings down on paper which many people find helpful. If you’d like your poem about any aspect of heart disease or caring for someone to appear in this section, email it to [email protected]