Garden of the Heart, by Patricia Rose

Wild flowers in a garden

Patricia Rose wrote this poem to help others with heart problems. She says: "I’ve found that writing poetry helps me to think positively – especially when I am writing with others in mind, to give them hope."

Garden of the Heart

When winter blues make summer hues
Seem ever far apart,
Just close your eyes and picture skies
In the garden of your heart.

Then wander through the beds of blue
And pink forget-me-not,
The blossom trees and fragrant breeze
To the little corner plot…

Where friendship flowers, in happy hours,
Were gently sown from seed,
In memory of a gift of love
Or some kind and thoughtful deed.

Then fill your mind with the warmest kind
Of sunshine and from the start,
You will find no greys or cloudy days
In the garden of your heart.

The poems published in this section are creative writing by Heart Matters readers. They should not be taken as medical advice.
It isn’t always easy to express your emotions, but writing poetry can be a way of putting your feelings down on paper which many people find helpful. If you’d like your poem about any aspect of heart disease or caring for someone to appear in this section, email it to