Heart of the matter, by Lynden Pearce

Lynden Pearce

Lynden had a heart attack in 2006, and wrote this poem about recovery while in hospital. He says: “I still draw inspiration from it and would love to share the poem with other readers so others can take hope that it’s not the end of the world.”

It was a normal day as I rose from my bed

Thoughts of last night still fresh in my head

I pick up my coffee ready to digest

It was at that moment, came the pain in my chest.


What is this I’m feeling as my arm starts to go numb

The pain getting stronger and worse is to come

Being rushed to hospital on the old blues and twos

Not knowing what’s wrong, awaiting the news.


They give me oxygen to make me feel calm

And an injection of morphine into my arm

An ECG test shows my pulse is too slow

The thoughts in my head, swinging to and fro.


They tell me its angina or a heart attack

They won’t know for sure until they get the blood tests back

The result shows positive, I go weak at the knees

I’m only 41, yet I have a heart disease.


I keep my composure and try not to cry

And try to not to think if I’ll live or die

I pull myself together it’s only a fright

I’m not going to give up, without a fight.


I can make a recovery and be me again

I have a spray and tablets to control the pain

For today is the start of the rest of my life,

to spend with my family and my loving wife.

The poems published in this section are creative writing by Heart Matters readers. They should not be taken as medical advice.

It isn’t always easy to express your emotions, but writing poetry can be a way of putting your feelings down on paper which many people find helpful. If you’d like your poem about any aspect of heart disease or caring for someone to appear in this section, email it to hmeditor@bhf.org.uk

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