From the heart, by Dee Field

Looking through the heart from Reflections of research

Dee wrote this poem about her experience of heart disease. 

She says: “I am dedicating this poem to a lady called Joyce, who sadly passed away on the same ward as me, whilst I was recovering from my angioplasty procedure. It made me take stock and realise how precious life is and how lucky I am.”


It was part of me on arrival

I didn’t know it was pretty crucial to my survival

Whilst I kept learning and growing

It silently, strongly kept on going


During my teens it fluttered a lot, I mean a lot

Then I married, divorced and broke it somewhat


It ached so much in times of sadness

Nearly burst a few times in times of gladness

I abused it without thinking

With too much rich food, smoking and drinking


Gave it away too readily to undeserving folk

It decided to remind me - it wasn’t there as a joke

Waking one morning, it gave me a warning

The pressure around it felt as though I might choke


Thank goodness it wasn’t too nasty

The surgeon did a good job of my angioplasty


The poems published in this section are creative writing by Heart Matters readers. They should not be taken as medical advice.

It isn’t always easy to express your emotions, but writing poetry can be a way of putting your feelings down on paper which many people find helpful. If you’d like your poem about any aspect of heart disease or caring for someone to appear in this section, email it to

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