People who were there for Linda

Linda Bartle Support

The help and support Linda received from those around her made all the difference after her heart attack.

The friend's story

“To say Linda’s heart attack was a shock was an understatement,” says Gerry Moloney, assistant general secretary of the Advance union and a friend and colleague of Linda’s. “She had seemed in such good health. It makes you realise that heart problems can happen at any time."

“As a union, we tried to be there for her; people visited and phoned her, sent flowers and cards. We wanted her to know she was very much in our minds. It was the least we could do. Linda has always been there for colleagues and for me when I’ve needed help or advice. She’s always the first person to help, and she has helped hundreds of our members in her career."

“Linda is a lovely, warm and genuine person. She has such a positive mental attitude and I think that helped in her recovery. I’ve got so much praise for the medical teams who treated her, and to the support from the BHF. When something like this happens, you realise how important things like Heart Matters are, for the support and the information about healthy lifestyles and preventing heart disease.”

The manager's story

“On the day of Linda’s heart attack, she was visiting our office to support me with some employee announcements we were making,” says Sharon Adamson, Business Manager at Geoban UK. “When I went down to meet her, it was obvious that she wasn’t feeling well. She told me she had pains in her chest and down her arm. My dad had a heart attack a few years ago, so I recognised the symptoms and knew you have to take this kind of thing seriously. I went and got the first aider, who called 999 and explained the symptoms to the person on the other end while I stayed with Linda."

“Linda kept apologising and saying she would be all right. I told her that if we didn’t do something to help, I would feel terrible, and that she needed to be checked over. I tried to reassure her. Once the paramedics arrived, I left Linda with them and the first aiders."

“After Linda came out of hospital, she came in with cards and presents for me, Giverny and Mahia, the other first aider who helped. I still have the card on my desk.”

The first aider's story

“I had never met Linda before the day Sharon came to fetch me to help,” says Giverny Bizzell, Functional Support Analyst and first aider at Geoban UK. “She seemed shocked, so I just tried to calm her down. I asked her if she had any chest or arm pain, or if her fingers were tingling. When she said yes, I knew we had to call the ambulance straight away. Linda wasn’t keen, but I explained that I needed to know I’d done the right thing."

“I stayed with her while we waited for the ambulance. I was trying to keep her mind off what was happening. When the paramedics came, they did an ECG, which they thought looked normal, but decided to take her to hospital as a precaution."

“I didn’t hear any more for a couple of days, so to be honest I thought everything was probably fine. I was surprised to hear she’d had a heart attack."

“It was all quite emotional. That sort of thing doesn’t happen to you every day. I’d recently been trained in first aid, which was really good. It’s so useful to know what to do in an emergency.”

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