6 top tips for travelling after a heart attack

Caroline suffered a heart attack but is now back travelling the world. She shares her top six tips for travelling after a heart attack. 

Caroline Tippen

1. Do your research

If you’re going abroad, check the Foreign Office website for travel advice about where you’re going, including health information. Your GP can advise on what vaccinations you need, or look at the website of the National Travel Health Network and Centre. Look at the expected climate of the country you’re going to, pack the right clothes, and book air-conditioned transport and accommodation.

2. Find subsidised passes

Wherever you live in the UK, older people can get a bus pass for free travel (but in most cases you can only use them in the nation you live in – so you can’t use an English bus pass in Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland). There are railcards offering discounts for over-60s, disabled people, young people, families and couples.

3. Compare prices

Go on a price comparison website to find the cheapest flights and accommodation and find a good deal. If you’re not confident on a computer, most libraries have computers and the staff are usually happy to help. While you’re online, read reviews of the places where you’re thinking about staying.

4. Shop around for insurance

I use comparison websites to get a list of providers and prices, so I can choose the best policy for me. It’s worth checking what is offered for the price. I’ve never had a problem getting cover with my heart history.

5. Be flexible

If you’re not too worried about travelling on specific dates, you may be able to pick up a bargain flight.

6. Get in the spirit

You don’t have to go miles. You could go to the next county and explore something different or jump on your local bus and see where it takes you.

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