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Maddie Clements, 66, has been volunteering at the British Heart Foundation shop in Coalville, Leicestershire, for more than five years.

She volunteers twice a week and her main role is to sort the clothes as they come in to the shop and tag them, which she has down to a fine art.

This keeps me very busy and gives me a real sense of pride and achievement

Maddie was made redundant in November 2009 and was unsure of what to do next. She felt her confidence levels dropping as she spent more time at home. After several weeks, she built up the courage to ask if she could volunteer in the BHF shop – and was welcomed with open arms.

Maddie’s motivation to volunteer for the BHF also stems from her own experience of losing her brother, David, to a sudden heart attack six years ago. This encouraged her to join the fight and raise awareness of heart disease through giving her time at the BHF shop.

She says volunteering has benefited her too. “I had no confidence before volunteering – it was hard enough to build up the courage to enquire in the shop! I couldn’t be happier that I did. I find the work I do at the Coalville shop is very therapeutic – I don’t like to sit around and this keeps me very busy and gives me a real sense of pride and achievement.”

Since volunteering, Maddie says she has become “more outgoing and sociable”.

Shop Manager Julie Kenchington says: “Maddie is dedicated and hardworking. Without her, the paid staff would not be able to achieve all that they do. She also goes above and beyond, staying extra hours when we have the need, without even being asked.”

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How you can help

To help us fight back against congenital heart disease, fill a bag with good-quality clothes, shoes, books, handbags, DVDs, CDs, bric-a-brac or children’s toys and bring them to your local BHF shop.

To take advantage of our collection service, call us on 0800 915 7000. For furniture and electrical items, visit our free collection website.

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