Bettina's story

Bettina Wallace a smiling woman

Bettina Wallace, 63, was shocked when her GP told her she had high blood pressure. She says:

“I thought, ‘Don’t be daft, I don’t get these sort of things’. But then I thought about my mum. She had it too and developed heart disease. The penny dropped.”

Bettina, who is a self-employed baker and florist, decided to make lifestyle changes. “I started doing more exercise and volunteered with a local BHF community project, learning and sharing tips for healthy lifestyle changes,” she says. “I really cut down on salt and instead I use herbs and spices as seasoning. I’ve lost weight, too.”

The first medication prescribed by Bettina’s GP wasn’t effective for her. She’s now on amlodipine (a calcium channel blocker) and ramipril (an ACE inhibitor), which work well for her.

She says: “Recently, I had my blood pressure checked and it’s the lowest it has ever been since being diagnosed. Now I’m looking forward to a healthy future and I’m enjoying time with my grandchildren – something my mum was never able to do.”

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