What does a hospital volunteer do?

Job title: Volunteer

Where you’ll meet them

Volunteers play a key role in many areas of hospitals and aftercare.

What they’ll do

Volunteers may get involved with anything from helping patients eat to planting a hospital garden or selling snacks to raise funds for the hospital. Heart Support Groups are voluntary groups run by patients for patients, many affiliated to the BHF. Some groups visit patients on the coronary ward to offer reassurance and support. More often, they run exercise classes and/or social support to help your physical and emotional recovery after your stay in hospital.


No standard training, though this may vary according to the role.

What they say

The Ticker Club is a heart support group based at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester. They do hospital visits as well as fundraising and representing patient views. Chairman John Phillips says: “We attend the pre-operation clinic the week before patients have surgery, so that patients can hear about the experiences of people who have had it themselves. We are all volunteers, we understand what they’re going through and what might be on their minds. Often we can help to ease the worries of family members and carers too.”

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