Health professionals you might meet

Other roles you may come across

As well as the roles we've explained in our list on the right, there many other roles you may come across in hospital or other healthcare environments.

  • Phlebotomists collect blood samples for testing.
  • Cardiographers work in the cardiac department of a hospital, operating the ECG machines. They may fit electrodes to the your body, making sure they are correctly connected to the machine, and take readings from the ECG machine.
  • If you come into hospital in an ambulance, the paramedics will look after you in the ambulance and take you in to A&E or the coronary care unit.
  • If you need transport home from hospital, an ambulance care assistant or patient transport driver may collect you from the hospital to take you home.
  • Social workers help people find solutions to their problems. They are often employed by local authorities but can also be employed by the NHS, for example in hospitals. 
  • Care workers or care assistants support people who have difficulties with daily activities. They may help with personal care such as washing or dressing, or with household tasks such as laundry and shopping.
  • Health trainers usually work in the community and support people to live healthier lifestyles, such as through physical activity, eating well and stopping smoking.

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