What does a dietitian do?

 Job title: Dietitian

Where you’ll meet them

On the hospital ward, in a clinic, in a cardiac rehabilitation programme or in the community. If you need to see a dietitian outside of hospital, it will usually be your GP or consultant who refers you.

What they’ll do

Dietitians give general healthy eating advice as well as supporting those with special dietary needs. If you’ve had a diagnosis of coronary heart disease or heart event, you may see a dietitian in hospital or in a cardiac rehab programme, so they can give you advice on how to change your diet to reduce your future risk. They can also advise on special diets for those with specific needs, such as diabetes, weight loss or cancer treatments. Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals to be statutorily regulated (unlike nutritionists).


Usually a three or four year degree course, or a relevant postgraduate qualification.

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