5 tips for reducing sedentary behaviour

Standing up at the office

1. Try to take regular breaks from looking at a screen

If watching television, get up in every ad break. At work, walk away from your computer screen at regular intervals.

2. Stand instead of sitting when you can

Try it for short periods while watching television, in meetings, at your desk or while on the phone.

3. Stand up at work

Walk over to colleagues instead of emailing or phoning them.

4. Plan in some active time when you are usually sedentary

For example, in the evenings, consider an exercise class, going for a walk or cooking a healthy meal from scratch, instead of heating a ready meal.

5. Set time limits on sedentary behaviour

It might be that you limit television to an hour in the evening or that you ban yourself from reading emails or using the internet for a certain period in the day. If you have a family, it’s great for everyone to follow these limits.

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